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About Fish Antibiotics Direct

When you have an exotic aquarium you don't want to have to pay to call a Vet and have her come look at your fish with a house call to presribe an antibiotic and then go to a pharmacy and pay triple for an antibiotic in addition to the vet fees.  That is why we provide the highest quality fish antibiotics to you at the lowest prices possible.  We hope you find our website simple & convenient to navigate and shop, thank you for being our customer.

Pharmaceutical Grade, Non Prescription Fish Antibiotics

We only carry and sell the most trusted brand in fish antibiotics, Thomas Labs.  All of our medications are non prescription, pharmaceutical grade, because we know that when caring for and treating your fish you want to make sure there are no binders or fillers in the medication that could harm your fish.  Thomas Labs is located in the USA and has been manufacturing and selling pet pharmaceutical products for over 30 years.  We buy our products direct from the source to make sure we can pass on savings to you by eliminating any middle man markups.  If you have any questions about our products please contact us via our contact page.